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2 months ago

The officers/security slowly sidestepping their way toward him while paying respect to the flag still cracks me up.


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2 months ago

Everything in the movie cracks me up. I watched them with my dad when I was probably still way too young to see them - I just learned to laugh when he did. Now I'm watching it thinking how the fuck he thought it was okay.

"Nice beaver!!! Thank-you, I just had it stuffed.".

Like holy shit dad


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2 months ago

I was too young too! Holy hell the jokes I only got when I grew older.


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2 months ago

Can we talk about the concrete dildo? My parents were more prudish than most, yet this movie got a pass.


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2 months ago

This is very similar to my experience, except it was my grandpa who I watched them with. I didn't get most of the jokes but still enjoyed them.